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The varieties of organic apples at Blue Heron orchard begin to ripen in mid-August and continue through the end of October. The apples selected are grown for conditions that prevail in northeast Missouri. Chances are good Blue Heron Orchard has a variety of apple that suits your taste and the varieties that you have never tasted you are sure to enjoy! Organic apple cider production begins at the end of September when a number of harvested apples are blended to make a complex, unique and fresh flavor with NO heating or preservatives. Other products available include apple cider vinegar (and pepper vinegar), apple syrup and periodically apple butter, apple sauce and fire-roasted peppers. No sugar is added to any of our processed apple products.CERTIFIED Organic by IDALS (Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.)


& Approximate Dates of Ripening (call for availability)

  • Pristine: (July 20) Smooth yellow/red blushed skin. Crisp, somewhat tart, fine textured dessert or cooking apple. Local and limited supply.
  • Gala: (Aug 25) Red stripes over red-orange background. Tree ripening allows this fruit its mellow, sweet and crisp texture unlike the shipped Galas.
  • Freedom: (Aug 29) Bright red stripe over yellow background. Large and juicy with a tangy, sprightly flavor. Unknown to many, eating one is like visiting a new foreign country.
  • Empire: (Sept 6) Macintosh crossed with a Red Delicious gives surprising results! Superbly aromatic and firm. Seems only the crispness of the Red Delicious remains.
  • Cortland: (Sept 10) Macintosh family crossed with the Ben Davis apple. Crisp, winy and aromatic. Most beautiful with a blue bloom on the skin. Slow to oxidize when cut (stays white).
  • Jonathan: (Sept 15) The workhorse of the Midwest orchard. Fresh eating, juicing or cooking. Good keeper with a solid red hue. The taste of fall equinox.
  • Jonafree: (Sept 20) Flavor similar but not as tart as the original Jonathan. The firmest eating apple in our orchard.
  • Golden Delicious: (Sept 26) Apple with universal talents much like the Jonathan. Spicy and sweet flavors concentrate naturally in our deep soil.
  • Red Delicious: (Oct 1) Needs no introduction, but our Red Delicious is far superior to the irrigated variety from the West. Red Delicious was born in the Midwest (Iowa).
  • Winesap: (Oct 15) A rare apple these days. The name of this apple well describes its memorable qualities. A firm keeper. Great addition to our cider.
  • Blushing Golden: (Oct 21) A possible cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan. An intricate and spicy flavor. Incredible autumn eating experience.
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