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Organic Fruit Growers Association  The Organic Fruit Growers Association is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and education purposes. We share information and encourage research to improve the organic production and marketing of fruit and to represent the interests of growers engaged in such. We connect individuals, growers, businesses, researchers to collaborate within the industry. 

Holist Orchard Network  Community Orcharding depends on local growers raising nutritious fruit for customers who recognize the full value of such pioneering work. Appreciable challenges need to be met to bring an organic fruit harvest to table. Our holistic orchard network focuses on sharing sustainable fruit growing techniques that emphasize orchard soil health which in turn makes for healthy trees and thus healthy apples and -- blessed be! -- healthy people.

Known & Grown St Louis  Known & Grown works to build a resilient food community by supporting and spreading awareness about humane and chemical-free farmers within 150 miles of St Louis 

Leopold Landscape Alliance  Aldo Leopold's Birthplace and Childhood Homes in Burlington, Iowa are owned by the Leopold Landscape Alliance (101& 111 Clay Street).  This re-unites the original Starker-Leopold Compound for education and research/writer/artist-in-residence programs.  In addition to using the Leopold family homes for enterpretation, the Alliance works on landscape scale conservation in the Iowa/ Illinois Mississippi River region. 


BLUE HERON ORCHARD's weather station

Weather Underground/KMOCANTO4 

NEWA/ Network for Environment and Weather Applications 

NEWA collects weather data through the Internet from weather stations primarily located on farms and generates real-time weather data summaries, crop production tools, and IPM forecasts. NEWA tools promote better IPM, reduced pesticide use, and improved environmental protection.

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