Blue Heron Orchard - In Season

In Season

  • Gala: Red stripes over red-orange background. Tree ripening allows this fruit its mellow, sweet and crisp texture unlike the shipped Galas.
  • Freedom: Bright red stripe over yellow background. Large and juicy with a tangy, sprightly flavor. Unknown to many, eating one is like visiting a new foreign country.
  • Empire: Macintosh crossed with a Red Delicious gives surprising results! Superbly aromatic and firm. Seems only the crispness of the Red Delicious remains.
  • Jonafree: Flavor similar but not as tart as the original Jonathan. The firmest eating apple in our orchard.

Coming Soon:

  • Red Delicious: Needs no introduction, but our Red Delicious is far superior to the irrigated variety from the West. Red Delicious was born in the Midwest (Iowa).
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